2018.. Year of new discovery in the digital medium I am fascinated with to a recognition in the formality of the collectors realm of art. Representation with Zolla Lieberman Gallery.

2016 - 2017  Creating a series of works by implementing use of light sourced images. Reediting them into abstract or fractal based imagery. (present work) 78 pieces printed on aluminum for ART EXPO 2017 NYC.

2016   Discovery of iPhoto editing process; stimulus of light based photo files. 

2009  Written prose accompanied with past and current digital images. (present work)

2009-2004   Completed assigned contract with screen writer; as well, I wrote brief synopsis for the screen adaptation of the book Elephantoms, written by Lyall Watson, published in 2003.

2009  Digital photo series: Light and reflection images. (present work)

2009  Interpretation: Creating 100 photo image series for an anthology collection written by addicts, contracted along with a few prose written by Carol Johnson and Jay Moloney. Carol Johnson and Jay Moloney were mother and son, both deceased. Jay was the protege to Michael Ovitz. 

2004 Initiation to digital photography: Initial interests were flora, landscape, and reflections. (present work)

2004 - 1993   Montage work: Story telling created with magazine images and mixed media.

2001  Participated in the exhibit at Exit Art ''Reactions: A Global Response to The 9/11 Attacks''. This exhibit of public, patrons and artists works are now housed at the Library Of Congress. 

1993 - 1980's  Pastel series: Interpreting ancient symbolism as a language. The series was done on imported and hand made papers.  

1990's - 1980's  Figurative clay sculptures cast in bronze. I worked with Cirecast in San Francisco, proprietor Peter Morenstein, as well with a foundry on Long Island, owned by Elliot Ganz.

1970's  From my studies at California College Of Arts and Crafts, series of drawings done with various mediums.




1980's  Elected to the Israel Museum's International Council. (My grandfather was a founding member of the museum in the 1960's)

1980's  Sculpting class in Palo Alto.(my first figurine piece to be cast in bronze)

1980's  Rudolf Schaefer School Of Design - Introductory design courses.

1970's and 1980's  Volunteered position with the Museum Of Contemporary Art. Worked with crew during exhibit changes and installations. And I was trained to manage the gift store. (I was hired but did not stay) My family relations were founders of the museum along with 5 other couples, who were collectors of the ''school'' of contemporary artists.  

1980's  Private studio training with Robert Lombardo, retired art professor from San Francisco Academy Of Art.

1980's  Temporary position with the Museum Of Modern Art in San Francisco. I worked in the archive dept. handling works on paper.

1973  Attended California College Of Arts And Crafts - first semester only

1972  Attended Stanford University summer arts course

1972  Attended and graduated Windsor Mt. School: Completed required courses for high school diploma. No art studies.

1960'-1970's  Attended Banff Center Of The Arts: Three summers; took all day classes studying the human figure and prerequisite painting.

1971  Attended New Trier High School 1st semester, and entered Windsor Mt School 2nd semester.

1969 - 1971  Attended New Trier High School: Art courses taken were general art interests, and escaped into the pottery room to do my own work.

1960's  Private painting studies with a family friend, Barbara Staller; Painter of female dancers.

1960's  Attended Hubbard Woods Community Center for weekend art classes; An open forum for all ages. (The advantage of this was working among all ages sharing of skills and various mediums.)

1960's  Attended and graduated Skokie Junior High School. No art classes taken on campus. But I was tutored on site with an art therapist along with one other young teen.

1960's  Attended Hubbard Woods grammar school in Winnetka, Ill. and Hillview grammar school in Menlo Park, Ca.

Note:  I started creating with my hands very young, maybe as early as 5 years old. Crayons and rector set assembly, to eventual interest in clay modeling and assembled sculptures of collected items. I hand sewed clothes for trolls, created sock toys, built doll houses out of shoe boxes. 



2012  Purchased an island waterfront property in the PNW. This was unexpected project still in process. The improvements are based upon environment needs for health, as well issues with structure's age. Introduced aesthetics, and improvements of cohesiveness in style and presence in its setting. It looks like a east coast cottage with hints of the anglo colony era.

1998  Purchased home in northern California, situated high on a hill tucked into a ravine /gully site. This home was built in 1964 with old growth material. Designed by two architects as a "tree house''. My remodel was from the  infrastructure; complete up grade of utilities and living /functional quarters. Every aspect of the house was redone with the original concepts revised. A 4 1/2 year project, that included the hardscape and landscape. All concepts, architectural and engineered, were of my concept except the requirement of local standards approvals. The styles were a blend of contemporary, Asian, and industrial, with use of old growth woods, exotic woods, metals, waxed venetian plaster on walls, and stone (slab counters, slab bath walls, and tile flooring), as well wood and cork flooring.

2000  Purchased raw lands and a small home on Kauai,Hawaii. The home was modestly improved, and I had built a lap pool with a water feature ( to muffle sounds of the proximity to the golf course ). The raw land was re- graded for water runoff, removal of the density of shrubbery and trees, for creating an improved scenic corridor, and functional use for a building site. 

1990's  Purchased ranch style home on Long Island, NY.. Upgraded features windows etc. Designed and had built a studio with clearstory attached to garage. Rebuilt the pool, and the entire yard was landscaped with boulders and specimen trees. 

1980's  Purchased home in Mill valley Ca. Modest remodel to a 1930's bungalow. However did do extensive hardscape and landscaping.

1980's  Purchased home in Carmel, Ca. modest improvements and landscaping.

1980's  Purchased raw lands in Woodside, Ca. The land was site improved with tree work for view corridor to neighboring pond and hillside views. I designed three different style homes to be built and sited. 

1980's  Purchased Eichler home in Palo Alto, Ca. Kitchen remodel only.

1980  Purchased 1920's cottage in mountain community of Woodside, Ca. The remodel was modest but improvements for heat and views.

1979  Purchased first home in San Francisco, Ca., improvements were modest but did put in a skylight in one of the bedrooms as a studio.



1968 Traveled to Israel with my grandfather and seven other grandchildren (without parents)

1978 Traveled to Egypt during the Camp David Peace Talks: The Grateful Dead performed in Giza at the base near the pyramids.

1983 Traveled extensively in India for nine weeks, onto Nepal and Japan 

1984 Traveled to northern India and Israel

1986 Traveled to Nepal, Indonesia and Australia

1987 Traveled to Tahiti's outlaying islands

1980's Travels to France, England and the Netherlands 

1980's Road trips with my female Vizsla Dana. The Canyon Lands and The Grand Canyon

2000 Traveled by ship: Holland America inaugural cruise to the Antarctica / Circumnavigated the globe for three months; Panama Canal, South America, Antarctica, Africa, India, Indonesia, China, Taiwan and Japan

*1950's - 1970's Travels with my family; Hawaii, Arizona, and Mexico

Note: I have considered Hawaii's various islands as a second home