To be a visionary requires breath into the patience of sight.

For the lifetimes of insight into man's earliest forms of self expression, development of languages, or items sourced for trade, mankind’s fortune is his inherent or visceral capacity for invention.

An artists' work assimilates this premise of discovery; the unexpected evokes access to correlate exploration of mediums, skills, and ultimately intrepid passion.

As a child my hands were the extension of my mind wandering. Without formal training, I gravitated to organize objects into complex statements. My early introduction to clay (age 8) was to create figurative pieces with altered positions, drawing the eye-relationship to the body as sculpture.

We mirror our muses, as the ego must speak endlessly.

Being self-taught on the computer’s integral photo editing program (February, 2016) segued into a new creative discipline…

In 2009, late in the evening hours, in a barely lit room, I eased into a bath of water, immediately to observe the shimmering light of the full moon’s reflection rippling about. An impulse to photograph these reflections also prompted an intrigue with the subject light.

I chose digital photography to assemble files of specific imagery that emanate light, eventually to re- craft on the computer as illuminated visions. Or a favored term out of context, alchemy, the magical transformation in progressive processes. 

The complex features of this visual work is to comprehend that I have no editing control over any responsive or technical reaction, only to isolate a vision I perceive has an imaginative story.

Presently the collection of work is intended to print on aluminum treated with archival properties. The intrigue with metal prints are the refractive properties which enhance the combined natural luminescence of each product. Ideally the medium is suited as environmental art, which allows for dual purpose' installations. The proposal that photography could reside outdoors, extends the options of visual arts.

Living insulated by wilderness, the quality of my life assimilates the cycles or rhythm of nature’s own significance here. Subjective to comment, the aura of these artworks tends to imply the spirit of otherworldly aesthetics.

The inspiration of an art presentation engages one to seek a message, story or to name the works of art. Impromptu reactions are the intent of any artist's work. My aspiration is to persuade escapism. Or, absolute condition of the unspoken truths of dire needs for justice.

Art is liberation for all humanity.

Petrushka - 2018